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Where in Melbourne Should You Buy an Investment Property or Development Site

The most common question we get from prospective clients is Where should I buy? I’m going to give some very valuable advice in this article. But, before I do, understand that to properly answer that question, I’d need to as a few questions of my own: What’s your objective? Your timeline? Your budget? Are you buying for long-term […]

A List of Do’s and Don’ts to Property Purchasing

Family friends were looking to buy a home a few years ago. They were savvy enough to understand how important it was to buy in the right area > suburb > neighbourhood in order to achieve the greatest financial benefits from capital growth. But boy were they picky. They were initially unwilling to compromise on any […]

Property Developers Must Anticipate Future Market Directions

Melbourne house prices have risen substantially over recent years. But property development is predominantly about future market prospects… What will these townhouses be worth once built -24 months from now?? As Real Estate Analysts, we know House Prices tend to increase in response to low and falling interest rates, and to an average Aussie Dollar. […]

Knowing Your School Zones Is So Important

Government Secondary Schools have proven to be one of the most important factors in determining where House Prices will rise most. As data geeks, we regularly build predictive models to determine which suburbs will grow most in value in coming months and years. We analyse demographics, socio-economics, infrastructure projects, development activity, transport options, proximity to hospitals and […]

Passed-In Properties Make for Good Buying

Successful negotiators seek to create urgency on the other party. When an agent tells you that interest in a property is high, or that his/her vendor is seriously considering an offer from another buyer, your heart rate goes up – you don’t want to lose it!! Auctions create urgency amongst buyers, because an auction campaign […]

Thinking About Investing in Apartments? Don’t be Stupid.

It all starts with your objective Some people invest in property to increase their monthly income, where others invest in property to build long-term wealth – one group looks for ‘positive cash flow properties’, the other for ‘negative geared properties’. Put bluntly, you’re making a huge mistake if you buy an investment property for positive […]

How Old Are Your Neighbours? This Will Affect Your Future House Price

It’s the people who live in – and want to live in – a suburb who determine property prices. Before purchasing in a suburb, stop to people watch. There are specific Ages to watch for when considering a suburb’s future $ price growth prospects… This graph shows the Age of Melbourne’s population: 6% of us are 0-4 […]