Melbourne Housing Market Analysis & Research

We are specialist Melbourne Real Estate Analysts. The most recognised brands in real estate subscribe to our research, and property investors and developers rely on our data-driven advice.

Meet the professionals who trust our research

Melbourne House Price Experts

This video is an example of the Melbourne property market research we share with our clients and with our database subscribers (Sign Up is Free).

For 15+ years we’ve contributed dozens of articles to leading publications like the Australian Property Investor, The Urban Developer, and Your Property Investor. Some of the largest, most successful industry professionals subscribe to our market analyses: Nelson Alexander, Jellis Craig, Barry Plant, Buxton and more.

Melbourne Property Market Trends

We consistently spot changes in Melbourne property market conditions before anyone else. This graph shows the historical changes in the Melbourne Market; it provides important context to current trends.

Our job is to analyse the market from all possible angles, and explain key trends to industry professionals. From Consumer Confidence to Demographic, Infrastructure, Construction Costs and everything in between – we study it all.

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Types of Melbourne Property Market Analysis


Property Market Insights

Price trends, auction rates, yields, schools, demographics, infrastructure, supply/demand… We study it all.


Custom Publications

Statistical content and commentary that explain important market conditions and trends.


Guest Columnist

Regularly featured on industry-leading sites for over a decade… We are recognised property experts.

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    We strive to be as transparent as possible in all that we do.

    • We provide graphs, maps and stats that explain the Melbourne property market to sellers, buyers and landlords – where are prices trending, how are auctions tracking, where are buyers coming from…

    • Our primary focus of research is residential real estate, particularly the housing market in Melbourne. We only purchase houses, land and townhouses as Buyers Agents and Property Developer Advisors in Melbourne.

    • We provide market analysis to leading agents across Melbourne, and they in turn publish our information on their websites, in newsletters, and in major reports.

    • We share a lot of free market insights and case studies on this website. And, if you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll receive ongoing market analysis on what the Melbourne property market is doing.

    • Yes, we complete a Melbourne Market Analyses Report every quarter. You can download the latest copy from our home page.

    • Analysts are curious, they like to approach problems from multiple angles to best understand how things work. We like data, and we like real estate. If you like both, and have some experience in problem solving and explaining complex information simply – reach out to us.

    Meet the professionals who trust our research

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