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Operating throughout the greater Melbourne area, we offer end-to-end buying services for property developers and property investors. Property Analytics is here to guide you through the entire process to ensure a first-class result and value for money on your investment.

Why Should You Use Buyer’s Advocates in Melbourne?

Buying property is expensive, complicated, time consuming, and risky. A good buyer’s agent can simplify the purchase process, access more properties, and save you big money. We’ve been doing this since 2010.

Our experienced staff study market trends, analyse suitable areas, inspect properties, assess values, deal with agents, conduct feasibilities, and negotiate effectively.

Property Analytics do not sell properties – we only represent property buyers. You can trust us to do the hard work required to secure you a quality property with great prospects on the best possible terms.

Melbourne consists of 500+ suburbs across 31 Council areas. Don’t just buy where you know – you could miss out on better opportunities.

We save clients time, money, stress and risk when purchasing property


We Know the Best Suburbs to Buy In

Which of the 500+ suburbs in Melbourne are best for you, based on your objectives, budget, tastes and market trends


We Conduct Proper Due Diligence

What are the key characteristics to look for in locations, properties and projects, and what should be avoided


We Negotiate Professionally

A good buyers agent will save you thousands through smart auction bidding and negotiations

Not the Average Melbourne Buyer’s Advocate – What Sets Us Apart?

Property Analytics aren’t salespeople – we’re numbers-driven, analytical buyer’s advocates.

We specialise in investment properties and development sites across Melbourne. Our services extend to family homes within Melbourne as well.

Fully licensed and totally independent, we secure properties that will achieve strong capital growth and/or development profits. This means no apartments or off-the-plan properties tied in with another company.

These services are exclusively available to individual property buyers. Remember, we don’t sell property. Our interests are clear and non-conflicted.

This is a 6-townhouse development. We purchased the site direct from owner, attained permits, and tendered the build. Under construction now.
This is a 3-townhouse development. We purchased the site at auction and attained permits for our client. Currently rented.

The Typical Client Experience

Daniel agreed on a clear brief (budget, property type, etc), and signed a Purchase Authority appointing Property Analytics to find him a suitable property within 90 days…

We identified the best suburbs for Daniel to buy into at that time, and we shared our analysis with him. We considered 40 properties, inspected 12, ruled out 9, and shortlisted 3 for serious consideration…

Daniel asked us to complete full project feasibility studies on two. Within 48 hours, we agreed that one stacked up really well. Daniel authorised us to negotiate the purchase, we did, and that’s when we issued our invoice.

Your Personal Buyer’s Agent in Melbourne

When partnering with one of our buyer’s agents in Melbourne, you can be guaranteed that we are working solely for your interests. As an independent operation, we have no ties to other firms and large scale property developers. Our services are dedicated to individual property buyers looking to gain a foothold in the competitive Melbourne landscape.

Beyond our extensive field experience and knowledge of the local market, we utilise a series of detailed analytics and metrics to ensure that you are making the right choice. Once a decision is finalised, our agents can also handle any subsequent property negotiations.

What Will a Buyer’s Agent and Buyer’s Advocate Do?

Above all, our aim is to save clients time and money whilst reducing stress and risk. We utilise detailed analytics of current market data when assessing investment opportunities and providing consultation.

When opting for our buyer’s agent services in Melbourne, you receive support across three key areas…

First, we work with you to uncover suburbs that not only meet your personal tastes and preferences, but also represent a workable investment in line with market trends. Second, we shortlist suitable properties and conduct full due diligence into them. Finally, we negotiate purchases on your behalf.

This is a duplex development. We secured the site, managed the planning/design, and tendered the build.

Read what our clients say about us..

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    Have questions? See below some FAQs

    We strive to be as transparent as possible in all that we do.

    • A buyers advocate is a licensed professional who represents property buyers, much in the same way that a licensed agent represents property sellers. Buyers advocates (or buyers agents) are very common in North America and Europe, and are increasingly common in Australia.

    • In most cases, a buyers advocate charges about 2.0% of the purchase price. This fee is negotiated at the time that a property buyer appoints a buyers agent to find them a suitable property, and is included in what is called a Purchase Authority. This is very similar to how a vendor would negotiate an agent’s fee with a selling agent.

    • A buyer’s advocate helps property buyers determine appropriate purchase strategies (budget, property type, suburb, etc). He/she then searches for suitable properties on- and off-market, shortlists and inspects the better ones, analyses current market conditions, recommends the best purchase opportunities to his/her client, and negotiates the purchase.

    • Typically, a buyers advocate charges a modest search commencement fee at the time a purchase authority is agreed, with the remainder of the commission fee charged only once a property is successfully purchased. For example, if a property buyer appoints a buyers advocate to purchase an investment property for +/- $1m at a fee of 2.0% the purchase price, the buyers agent will charge a $2500 commencement fee; then, when a property is purchased for $950,000, the buyers agent will charge the agreed % commission (2.0% x $950,000 = $19,000) less the previously paid commencement fee.

    • The most common reasons that clients appoint us… We help property buyers determine a suitable budget based on their savings and borrowing capacity. We know the best suburbs to purchase in (most buyers just buy nearby where they already live/know, and potentially miss out on big capital growth and profits). We save property buyers countless hours by searching for, shortlisting and inspecting properties, and dealing with selling agents. We know how to properly inspect properties and how to conduct comprehensive project feasibilities. We understand market values, and what property characteristics lead to price rises. We regularly save property buyers tens of thousands of dollars through smart auction bidding and negotiating.

    • No. Absolutely not. We believe it is very important to avoid conflicts of interests, and to be seen to do the right thing at all times. We only work for buyers, and we only get paid by buyers. We don’t sell property, and we receive no benefits whatsoever from property sellers. When you appoint us to find you a suitable property investment or development site to purchase, you can rely on the fact that we are acting in your interests – totally and exclusively.

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