Off Market Bargain w/ Big Value Add

An amazing buy for a trusted, decisive client

Harvey is a big earner, at the top of his career. He’s accumulating a portfolio of negatively geared investment properties with big capital growth and development potential.

This is the 4th property we’ve bought Harvey this year. The process has been fine-tuned over time… we know he likes big blocks in residential zones; he’s motivated by the bargain, and any property we suggest needs to come with a comprehensive analyses of market values; he wants safe townhouse projects with strong profitability, but won’t commence them for another 10+ years; and, we are authorised to liaise directly with his mortgage broker and architect to confirm numbers and scope.

An agent brought this off-market to me. The vendor was a young beneficiary from a deceased estate who was nervous about auctions, and was open to selling prior to advertising at circa $1.85m.

I quickly ran some comparative analyses, and touched base with a couple local agents I know and trust. Everything pointed to value $2.2m – $2.4m. Absolute bargain buy. And, the feasibility confirmed strong profits for a 3 townhouse development.

I rang Harvey on Friday, told him I had a ripper to inspect on Saturday, and I’d send him all info afterwards. Through careful negotiation, we secured the property for $1.85m within a few days, without competition from other buyers (we were simply too quick to act).

This ranks as one of my best ever purchases. We’ve built a high level of trust and working efficiency with Harvey and his team, and this paid off big time.

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Blue chip, affluent, close to hospitals, transport, shops and parks


Flat, rectangular 1100m2 block without vegetation


Original but tidy 3bed 1bath, easy to rent

Purchase Price


Market Value

$2.2m+ easy

Sale Method



2 months

Rental Income

$700 per week

Rental Yield

2.0% gross

Suburb Median $ Prices

House $1.758m | Unit $0.754m

Suburb Capital Growth

5.1% p.a. over last 10 years

Growth Drivers

Highly affluent suburb popular with professional families; established activity centre; proximity to hospitals, schools, transport, shops

Why we rate it

Exceptional bargain price; strong and safe development profits; top capital appreciation prospects

Development Scope

3 large, quality, detached townhouses back-to-back

Project Duration

30 months from purchase to build completion

Project Costs

$4.484m turnkey completion

Project End Value


Project Profit


Return on Cash


Return on Capital


End Rental Yield


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