High Growth for Medicos

Adjacent to a big and improving Activity Center Zone

Doug and Xena are both highly successful medical practitioners with a mind to growing a diverse property portfolio with future value add prospects.

We represent many medicos and understand that they can attain debt finance with 90% LVR, and are usually appreciative of investments that limit their tax exposure during their high income professional years (e.g. negatively geared properties are attractive).

D & X loved the central location of this property. They have friends who live in the suburb, and appreciate its vibrant nature and widespread gentrification. And, they were really enthused about the clear future development prospects on a flat block with dual street frontages.

After running some initial analyses on this property, we felt it was being seriously underquoted at $1.80m to $1.90m. We considered market value to be about $2.1m. The agent is a genuine bloke, and over the course of a couple inspections he explained that the vendors are realistic and motivated beneficiaries of a deceased estate. They weren’t particularly looking forward to an auction. What did he think would buy it? Give me a clean offer of $2.0m on a standard settlement and he’d work to get it done.

We did just that after it being on the market for less than 2 weeks, and managed to secure it before many interested parties even inspected it. Good opportunities like this don’t last long on the market, and D & X appreciated this fact. They’re very happy with their purchase.

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Vibrant suburb with gentrifying High Street close to CBD


Flat rectangular 925m2 with dual frontage


Tired with character, needing a bit of work to rent

Purchase Price


Market Value

up to $2.100m

Sale Method

Bought Prior to Auction


3 months

Rental Income

$670 /week

Rental Yield

1.7% gross

Suburb Median $ Prices

House $1.160mm | Unit $0.590m

Suburb Capital Growth

7.1% p.a. over last 10 years

Growth Drivers

Vibrant commercial strip, proximity to transport and CBD, demand from young, affluent professionals

Why we rate it

Stone's throw to High Street, dual frontage, clear development precedent, widespread gentrification

Development Scope

Up to 8 triple story townhouses utilising dual street frontages

Project Duration

holding, yet to progress planning and design

Project Costs

$6.045m if commenced

Project End Value

$7.115m if commenced

Project Profit

$1.070m if commenced

Return on Cash

42% if commenced

Return on Capital

18% if commenced

End Rental Yield

4.5% if commenced

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