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Securing quality residential property investments in Melbourne that will grow most in value.

We acquired this development site for a client within 60 days. She will double her $250k equity within 2 years.

We acquired this property for a client within 60 days. We’re helping her to develop the site into 2 side-by-side detached houses. She will double her $250k equity within 2 years.

We don’t find people’s forever homes or positive cash flow properties – our aims are capital growth and development profits.

As licensed property buyers agents based in Melbourne, we look after the entire property investment purchase process. Understanding your real estate objectives, the geographical area you feel most comfortable with (Melbourne’s North, East, etc.), and your purchase budget is the starting point.

We are independent, well-respected buyers advocates. Everything we do is based on extensive real estate market research, and practical, on-the-ground knowledge of Melbourne real estate.

We love Melbourne real estate, and take pride in helping clients achieve life-changing profits through smart property investment and real estate development. Contact Us Today.

Making property investment easy and lucrative. Our process is proven…

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1- We Agree on Suburb(s)

Once agreeing on your parameters, we identify 2-3 suitable suburbs.

Importantly, we share the extensive data analyses and on-the-ground research that we’ve done to support our predictions of future above-market capital growth of houses in our recommended area (think historical performance, demographics, key infrastructure, etc.)

We reach out to dozens of agents to explore off-market purchase opportunities and to make sure that we’re the first aware of upcoming listings.

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2- Our Director Inspects

Before recommending a residential property investment to you, our Director inspects it in person, and takes detailed notes about its positives and negatives.

If you’re interested in the investment property, we conduct in-depth analyses of nearby sales and relevant statistics to support our recommended purchase price.

Where applicable, we provide sketches and rough costs for potential improvements (cosmetic renovations, extensions, etc.) that will increase the rental yield and value of your investment property.

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3- We Negotiate Purchase

We negotiate the purchase on your behalf, via auction or private sale, and leverage years of experience to secure the property at the lowest possible price.

Our aim is to secure you a quality property investment that will grow in value, through natural market growth and through smart improvements.

Importantly, our fees are based on your initial budget – not on the eventual purchase price. This way, we aren’t incentivized to encourage you to spend more.