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Why Auction Clearance Rates are So Important to Watch in Melbourne

The media, agents, and real estate bodies such as the REIV and others seam to be obsessed with Auction % Clearance Rates. Every week, it’s “X% success from Y auctions”, and “This week’s A% clearance rate is B% higher than last week/month/year”. It all gets pretty tedious. But, maybe there’s a reason for so many professionals […]

Where in Melbourne Should You Buy an Investment Property or Development Site

The most common question we get from prospective clients is Where should I buy? I’m going to give some very valuable advice in this article. But, before I do, understand that to properly answer that question, I’d need to as a few questions of my own: What’s your objective? Your timeline? Your budget? Are you buying for long-term […]

How will the 2017 Federal Budget Impact Property Investors?

Investor demand was massive in 2014, and for good reason… Interest rates were low and falling, the AUS$ was finally trending down, and house prices were climbing after a very rare downturn in 2011-2012. The market was heating up, and wise heads feared that we’d all get burned. In December 2014, APRA wrote to lenders warning […]

The Different Seasons of Melbourne Property – When is the best time to Buy/Sell?

In Melbourne, more properties are listed for sale in Spring than in Winter. Regardless of the reasons, it’s a basic fact in the residential market – more vendors choose to list in the months leading into Christmas than in any other period. But serious buyers don’t generally take a ‘holiday’ from property inspections just because the […]

Prices Continue to Rise due to Low Stock

We’ve noticed something a bit different occurring in the Melbourne and Sydney real estate markets over the last couple of years… The number of Houses selling has been steadily decreasing, while House Prices continue to rise. Traditionally, sales volumes tend to move in the same direction as sale prices: When house prices trend upwards, more […]

Property Developers Must Anticipate Future Market Directions

Melbourne house prices have risen substantially over recent years. But property development is predominantly about future market prospects… What will these townhouses be worth once built -24 months from now?? As Real Estate Analysts, we know House Prices tend to increase in response to low and falling interest rates, and to an average Aussie Dollar. […]

Exchange Rates Directly Affect Melbourne Prices

Where is the Melbourne residential real estate market headed? We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do know that the Aussie Dollar will have a significant impact on future house prices. Historical analyses prove this. The below graph shows how Median $ House Prices in Melbourne have fluctuated over the last decade and a […]

How Old Are Your Neighbours? This Will Affect Your Future House Price

It’s the people who live in – and want to live in – a suburb who determine property prices. Before purchasing in a suburb, stop to people watch. There are specific Ages to watch for when considering a suburb’s future $ price growth prospects… This graph shows the Age of Melbourne’s population: 6% of us are 0-4 […]