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Why Auction Clearance Rates are So Important to Watch in Melbourne

The media, agents, and real estate bodies such as the REIV and others seam to be obsessed with Auction % Clearance Rates. Every week, it’s “X% success from Y auctions”, and “This week’s A% clearance rate is B% higher than last week/month/year”. It all gets pretty tedious. But, maybe there’s a reason for so many professionals […]

How will the 2017 Federal Budget Impact Property Investors?

Investor demand was massive in 2014, and for good reason… Interest rates were low and falling, the AUS$ was finally trending down, and house prices were climbing after a very rare downturn in 2011-2012. The market was heating up, and wise heads feared that we’d all get burned. In December 2014, APRA wrote to lenders warning […]

Exchange Rates Directly Affect Melbourne Prices

Where is the Melbourne residential real estate market headed? We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do know that the Aussie Dollar will have a significant impact on future house prices. Historical analyses prove this. The below graph shows how Median $ House Prices in Melbourne have fluctuated over the last decade and a […]