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How to Become a Property Developer

Property development can totally change your life – it absolutely changed mine. In 2005 I had a well-paying job and a great career path ahead of me. Around that time my wife began talking about having kids, and I remember thinking ‘How on earth are we going to afford that!?’. So, I started devouring books, […]

A 20% Development ROI is Difficult to Achieve – but it’s Possible

A typical Melbourne townhouse development project takes about 24 months, from purchase through to sale. I generally allow 12 months to attain planning permits, complete construction documentation, and tender for a fixed building contract, plus another 12 months to complete construction. Many developers expect a 20% Return on Investment for an end-to-end project. While ambitious, […]

5 Team Members you Need as a Property Developer

Successful property development requires teamwork under decisive leadership. As the developer, you’re responsible for every single decision – this complete level of accountability can be daunting, especially given the breadth and depth of challenges involved. That’s why it’s so important to assemble a team of experienced professionals who you can rely on for expert advice. […]

How to Assess a Property’s Development Potential

A lot of work goes into finding a good development site. But before you progress to a detailed feasibility study, you’ll want a quick method to rule properties in or out of further consideration. The first, and most important question to ask is ‘What is Possible on the Block?’ You can largely answer this question with information […]

5 Things to Consider when Searching for an Investment Property

Smart property investment is about creating long-term wealth. Put simply, you want the properties you purchase to increase in value as much as possible over time. (Read this article to learn more about why price growth is far more important than rental yield.) So, what are the key things you need to look for in a […]

Where in Melbourne Should You Buy an Investment Property or Development Site

The most common question we get from prospective clients is Where should I buy? I’m going to give some very valuable advice in this article. But, before I do, understand that to properly answer that question, I’d need to as a few questions of my own: What’s your objective? Your timeline? Your budget? Are you buying for long-term […]

A List of Do’s and Don’ts to Property Purchasing

Family friends were looking to buy a home a few years ago. They were savvy enough to understand how important it was to buy in the right area > suburb > neighbourhood in order to achieve the greatest financial benefits from capital growth. But boy were they picky. They were initially unwilling to compromise on any […]

How to Make $340k in 12 Months

Walter emailed me in March last year, enquiring about our property development services. He’s an Australian citizen living overseas, and is widely experienced in property development across the globe. Intending to settle back in Melbourne in a few year’s time, Walter (not his real name – he’s a private guy) wanted to get some projects […]

Smart Property Investors Manufacture Equity Through Development

Smart property investment is not this: buy a property, wait for it to increase in value, then draw down equity from that property to use as a deposit on another investment property, wait for them both to increase in value, then repeat. I know some people make this work, and congratulations to them, but it’s […]

Property Developers Must Anticipate Future Market Directions

Melbourne house prices have risen substantially over recent years. But property development is predominantly about future market prospects… What will these townhouses be worth once built -24 months from now?? As Real Estate Analysts, we know House Prices tend to increase in response to low and falling interest rates, and to an average Aussie Dollar. […]