Director Profile

Andrew Stone is a Respected Real Estate Analyst and Buyers Agent. He’s also an Experienced Property Developer.

I’m an Analyst, first and foremost.

I love sharing information, and am very happy to provide free advice. Reach out to me via email, phone, or through the contact form below.

Prior to establishing Property Analytics in 2010, I worked for Myer, Telstra, Jetstar and other large corporations, as a Senior Data Analyst and Consultant. I loved working with data and solving complex business problems, but office politics and rampant consumerism frustrated me immensely.

With a Carpenter Granddad, and a Developer Dad, real estate has been a way of life for as long as I can remember. At 6 years old, I was cleaning construction sites. At 12, I was framing. And, at 16, I was fitting out renovations, inspecting sites, and learning architectural design from my dad.

I established Property Analytics to bring together my loves for data analyses and real estate.

There exists a lot of real estate data in the market, but very few professionals that can translate it into meaningful and actionable information. That, in essence, is what me and my team do: conduct data analyses to assist industry professionals, property investors, and developers.

We provide real estate agencies and financial institutions with general market research and intensive analyses to help them better understand emerging market trends, and to help them educate their own clients.

As a Buyer’s Agent, we utilise proprietary statistical analyses to help clients purchase property investments and development sites in areas that are statistically likely to outperform the market. We are Melbourne’s true data-driven Buyers Advocates.

I’m forever in the market, purchasing investment properties and development sites for myself and for clients, analysing recent results and market trends, working on project feasibilities, designs, specifications, etc. I love real estate, and take great pride in helping people succeed.

Originally from Canada, I moved to Australia for love, and now live in Melbourne’s north with my beautiful wife and 3 young children. When not working, I enjoy sport, reading, cooking, travelling, and spending time with family.

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