How To Develop Property in a Joint Venture

If you’re thinking about getting into property development, then a Joint Venture with an experienced, credible partner can make good sense.

Joint Ventures work well when partners compliment each other

Partner with someone who has something that you need, and who needs something that you have. Complimentary skills, backgrounds, and assets lead to clarity of roles and responsibilities, and better teamwork.

Some of our clients have the capital required for property development, but need a partner with industry knowledge. Others are a bit more experienced, and simply want a partner to look after the things that they don’t enjoy or have time for (site search, feasibility studies, design, etc.). And, some are simply seeking a 20%+ Return On Investment, and stay largely silent through the project.

Many of our clients are new to property development in Melbourne, and we’re proud to help them through every stage. As industry-leading Market Analysts, and a Licensed Buyer’s Advocate, we bring to the table a great degree of industry experience and knowledge.

We regularly identify good development sites, conduct full project feasibilities, get advice from third party professionals prior to purchase (town planners, arborists, builders) and negotiate or bid at auction to secure the property. For some clients, a Joint Venture makes sense…

We’re in a Joint Venture at the moment. This is how it works.

Our client funded the purchase of the site 100%, and we’re managing the development from end-to-end: from identifying the site, conducting a full project feasibility, and negotiating the purchase, through to development design, planning permissions, build specifications and appointments, construction oversight, and sales marketing.

Our partner’s contribution comes in the form of purchase capital, whereas we’re buying in with a mix of sweat equity and third party professional expenses (we pay Town Planner, Surveyor, Draftsman, etc.). We sought advice from a good Accountant and Lawyer prior to purchase, and have structured things so that we will become part owner once planning permissions are attained. From that point, we share construction costs, and the profits will be shared equally upon completion.

If you’re thinking about getting into Property Development in Melbourne, Australia, get in touch with us at

As Licensed Buyer’s Advocates, we look after all aspects of purchasing profitable property developments in high growth suburbs, and, as experienced property developers, we regularly project manage entire developments. We are respected property professionals, and credible Joint Venture partners.

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